February 22nd, 2018

A fireplace is not only a source of warmth in the Winter but a great showpiece that gives a room a certain atmosphere and ambiance. Your fireplace is often the focal point of the room and provides the source of many hours of warmth and enjoyment by your family. Do you need fireplace repair in Palm Desert, CA? We at On Fire are a fireplace professional company that offers service and repair of fireplaces to keep them functioning at their best.

At On Fire, we take pride in helping to maintain fireplaces so they remain safe for your family. Often we do not think that our fireplaces need to be maintained often but they do. There can be build up and debris from continuous use and this can create a safety hazard with serious consequences if left unchecked.

Our company has been professionally maintaining and repairing fireplaces for many years and can offer you our service at an affordable price. We will give you an estimate on the cost of repairs and get the job done right the first time.

You do not want to entrust the repair of your fireplace to just any service that is not qualified to do so. We service many makes and models of fireplaces and have many years experience in the industry. Our trusted service can provide you with quality repairs that you know are safe and that is done right so you don’t have to worry.

On Fire will help to maintain your fireplace for peak performance so you get the maximum amount of heat without having smoke issues or hazards in your home from dirt or debris build up in the chimney. Fireplaces need to be cleaned frequently and especially before use during the Winter months. We provide this service for you along with any repairs that need to be made such as chips and cracks in the structure.

If you are looking for a fireplace contractor look no further than On Fire your friendly professional fireplace repair service. Call 760-564-2957 for your free estimate today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you.