On Fire will diagnose and make required repairs to your fireplace. Our professional technicians provide service for almost all brands of fireplace products. Our standard service call is $250. This will cover the trip fee and first hour of service in the home. Any parts and additional time will be quoted at the time of service.

To expedite our service call we request the Manufacturer, Model Number and Serial Number of your unit prior to service, however, if it’s not readily available we will find it for you so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

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Learn More About The Value Of Our Fireplace Repair Services

Repairing and maintaining your fireplace ensures its safety and longevity for continuous usage during the cold of winter. These features can offer magnificent warmth and unique charm for your home, but only with the correct standards of care delivered by a professional service. For fireplace repair in La Quinta, an expert service must be relied upon to ensure the structure is restored to it original condition and functions correctly.

It is dangerous to utilize fireplaces that have not been maintained or possess damage that has not been repaired. This includes smoke entering the house or risk of excessive heat when lit. Leaving damage to deteriorate or failing to hire the correct standard of service for repairs can compromise the integrity of fireplaces and the severe hazards that it poses for all residents.

Fireplaces that use wood will accumulate creosote within the chimney and the hearth and the problem is the potential for fires. When the remaining creosote catches alight, it could burn you as it is lit or the flames could push back and enter your property. Do not take the risk and ensure that all structures are carefully assessed and repaired with the services of a reputable and an experienced service.

Another hazardous factor includes the release of toxic fumes into your home such as carbon monoxide. If the chimney is not properly cleaned with every season or before it is used, it will begin to emit gases that could prove life threatening if undetected. Cracks, poor ventilation and other signs of deterioration need to be addressed before the winter when the fireplace is regularly used to avoid any hazards from occurring.

With professional fireplace repair services in Palm Desert, you can rest assured that the integrity and safety of all structures are properly managed. Experts in the industry are familiar with the inspection process and know what to look out for when tending to these features. Do not compromise by hiring a handyman or poorly rated maintenance company as it will leave you and your family at significant risk.

Experts in heating services will identify and remove any blockages caused by dirt, bird or mammal nest and other forms of debris. To effectively heat your home and remove the smoke from the interior, you must have these features adequately cleaned. This depends on the type of fireplaces owned as each of these incorporates specific functions and the use of fuel to ensure the production of major sources of warmth.

Maintenance of fireplaces ensures it remains neat and appealing throughout the year. These structures are often the focal point of a room and while it serves a practical purpose, it must remain beautiful and well designed. Calling on fireplace repair services can help you restore its appearance and keep it fully operational without having to deal with the accumulation of excess dirt and debris.

Your experts in the repair of fireplaces offer dedicated service delivery and valuable solutions to keep your home warm and comfortable through winter. There is nothing better than relaxing before the fire on a chilly evening. To enjoy these heating features, keep it well maintained and beautiful, call on your trusted professionals.

Give On Fire a call today at 760-362-4433 and get your fireplace working at peak efficiency again!

On Fire provides Fireplace Repair Services to homeowners in LaQuinta, Indian Wells, Palm Desert, Cathedral City, Palm Springs, Indio, Desert Hot Springs & Yucca Valley CA.

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